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William (Bill) Souter married Dorothy Holmes in Alston in 1940 and the photo of the wedding shows one time best friend of Bill Holmes Reg Graham on the left (he used to be a bank manager, keen 12 bore shooter and golfer) next along we think is Bill Souter’s sister. Then John Holmes brother to the bride. Then the groom Bill Souter. His father is in the bowler hat. The bride Dorothy Holmes and her mother Dora Simpson and we think the next lady is Bill Souter’s stepmother with Bill Holmes the next along. Our apologies but we cannot name the other three. If you can let us know and we will update the information.

Descendants of James Souter

1 James Souter 1878 - 1956
.. +Lily Davidson 1886 - 1910
.... 2 William Davidson Souter 1909 - 1987
........ +Dorothy Annie Holmes 1915 - 1993
.......... 3 William Holmes Souter 1945 - 1997
.......... 3 Alan Souter
.............. +Svetlana V Starostenko
................. 4 Daniel Alan Winston Souter
*2nd Wife of James Souter:
.. +Susan Sanderson Sherlaw 1873 - 1956

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